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"It really feels like private puppy training but without the cost!"

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“I was skeptical about online training at first, but the entire Puppy Academy team is so wonderful! The class layouts, being able to watch the trainers work with a new pup every week, and have them watch me with my pup during coaching sessions was super helpful.

 I also really enjoyed being able to watch and listen to other puppy parents work with their pups in the live classes because I felt reassured that I wasn't the only one going through these growing pains. I felt nothing but support and encouragement from the entire team."

- Lexi & puppy Tofu

And say hello to stress-free puppyhood!


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The Puppy Academy 
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1️⃣ The Ultimate Puppy Training Program: 
We have meticulously crafted the most comprehensive and effective puppy training program on the market. Say goodbye to confusing and outdated methods—our curriculum is designed to produce fast, lasting results, tailored to your puppy's unique needs.

2️⃣ Train Your Puppy Like a Pro: 
Our expert puppy trainers will guide you through every step of the training process, revealing insider tips and techniques used by top professional dog trainers. With our guidance, you'll develop a deep understanding of your puppy's behavior and learn how to mold them into the companion you’ve always dreamed of.

Why Choose The Puppy Academy Online School?


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The Puppy Academy Online School


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Puppy Training 

Steal our cheatsheets to train your puppy in less time! Our weekly game plans will fast-track your puppy’s transformation with as little as 15 minutes of training a day!

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Puppy Training 

Steal our cheatsheets to train your puppy in less time! Our weekly game plans will fast-track your puppy’s transformation with as little as 15 minutes of training a day!

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"We are amazed at the difference we've seen in our puppy!"

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“Baxter is our first family dog and we had A LOT of questions! The online classes are super easy to follow and the interaction with the trainer feels like a private session. It's so much more than we thought it would be and are amazed at the difference we've seen in our puppy. This is such a great program for new puppy owners!"

- Ryan & puppy Baxter

"For any puppy parent, whether they are first time or not!"

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”The formula of the hybrid of live classes with recordings and coaching on the spot made a huge difference in the progress of my puppy!

Really thankful for this and how much my puppy grew mentally and behaviorally in the short program that just flew by!"

- Jessica & puppy JLo

Train Your Puppy Like a Pro in Less Time!

And say hello to 
stress-free puppyhood!


Solve your biggest puppy challenges:

Potty Training

Nipping / Biting / Jumping 

Crate Issues / Separation Anxiety 

Walks / Socialization & more!

The Puppy Academy Online School is here to transform your adorable new puppy into a well-behaved and happy companion -- in just 15 minutes a day!

With our proven training methods and thousands of satisfied clients, we’ll make puppyhood a breeze for you while we unleash your pup’s full potential!

3️⃣ Convenient and Flexible: 
Forget about attending physical training sessions! Our online platform allows you to learn from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace. Whether you're a busy professional or a stay-at-home parent, you can access our training modules anytime, anywhere. It's puppy training made easy!

4️⃣ Proven Results: 
Join thousands of satisfied puppy owners who have successfully trained their pups with our program. Our students consistently rave about the incredible transformations they've witnessed in their puppies. From obedience training to solving behavioral issues, our program covers it all!

5️⃣ 1-Year Access: 
Once you enroll in The Puppy Academy Online School, you’ll gain access to ALL of our training materials for 1 full year, ensuring that you have ongoing support throughout puppyhood, and be completely set up to make the rest of their life a huge success. As your pup grows and develops, you can revisit the lessons, refresh your skills, speak directly to our trainers, and tackle any new challenges with confidence!

Puppy Potty Training Mastery: Say goodbye to messy accidents! Our program will teach you foolproof techniques to potty train your puppy quickly and effectively, saving you time and frustration.

Obedience and Manners:  No more pulling on the leash or ignoring your commands. Discover the secrets to instilling obedience in your pup and watch as they become a well-mannered member of your family!

Problem Behavior Elimination: Does your puppy jump on everyone, chew on everything in sight or bark excessively? We'll show you how to overcome these common behavior problems (and even the uncommon ones!) and create a calm and peaceful home environment.

Socialization Skills: Help your puppy develop strong socialization skills, ensuring they feel confident and comfortable in various situations, whether in new environments or around other dogs and people.

Advanced Training: Take your puppy's skills to the next level! From impressive distraction training to impulse control, our program will challenge your puppy to excel with everything that comes their way, creating a resilient puppy you can take anywhere - and an unbreakable bond with you - along the way.

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Puppyhood Made Easy® Blueprint

Unlock our secret process to guide you successfully through puppyhood with our step-by-step formula, checklists to keep you on track, customizable daily puppy schedule, and a clear path to follow that eliminates any guesswork.


 Have specific questions or need personalized advice? Our master trainers are here to help! Get direct support through our dedicated live weekly Q&A and Coaching sessions!

Our Expert Trainers: Sparky & Bethany!

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